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Whether you are a recreational wing-shooter or a mildly to serious competitive shooter, I can show you ways to improve your game with a variety of methods. I take into account your own shooting style and try to incorporate ideas and methods that suit your situation. The Leading Edge means exactly that, I look at not only the physical side of shooting, but also the mental aspect of the game. By using techniques from all of the clay target sports you can build a much better all-around game or simply concentrate on your chosen sport.
My name is Darrell Farr and I started the Leading Edge Shooting School in order to help people achieve more success in their shotgunning.
I also try and show you differing styles of gun set-ups, whether you choose to shoot a trap, skeet or a sporting clays style gun, you must realize that they are all shotguns and are capable of breaking birds in any game.
Personally, I have competed in a wide variety of shooting sports ... this has allowed me to become an NSCA Master Class shooter, an NSSA All-American, and a AA-27-AA trapshooter. I have also shot helice and live bird tournaments with a good deal of success. This background supplies me with the skills and knowledge to help you improve your chosen discipline.
My methods of instruction vary simply because I don't believe in one magical method, you must be willing and able to adjust to varying targets with varying styles of attack to make the shot taken a high-percentage one. This can be done by addressing the shooter's foot placement, stance, gun mount, target acquisition and break zones. Chokes and loads is yet another topic for discussion that can help your game as well.
Knowing and honing your particular skill set is what will make you better at your game.